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Solo Organ
Duration: 5 min
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Fantasia was commissioned by the Fairfield West Chapter of the American Guild of Organists in memory of Rick Tripodi. I envisioned it as an orchestral dance with Slavic flavors, exploring varied registrations and the richness of the pipe organ, with crisp strings, shepherd’s flutes, a pizzicato waltz with mellow cellos and a singing oboe, culminating in a triumphant gallop of cellos and basses, when brass and piccolo gradually join in for a final display of fireworks. Can you hear it all? Inevitably, my Latvian roots make an appearance towards the end of the piece, as the folk song Kur tad tu nu biji, āzīti manu (Where have you been, my little goat?) found its natural way into this musical extravaganza.

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Solo Organ