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Hyfrydol sur La Canarie


Solo Organ
Duration: 2 min
Score comes in the keys of E-Flat, F, and G
Includes bonus cello last verse descant
Format: PDF

Hyfrydol sur La Canarie was commissioned by the Fairfield West Chapter of the American Guild of Organists in memory of Rick Tripodi. It combines the tune to Love Divine, All Loves Excelling with La Canarie, a dance which comes from the Canary Islands and was brought to Spain in the sixteenth century, and whose choreography features jumps, leaps, and percussive footwork. In the Canary Islands it was associated with both funeral rites and courtship. This melody was famously included in Michael Praetorius’ Terpsichore, a compendium of more than 300 instrumental dances published in 1612.

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Solo Organ